March 31, 2023

News Release: Carbon Tax Increase to Bite Consumers on April 1st

March 31, 2023

Carbon Tax Increase to Bite Consumers on April 1st

TORONTO (ON): Canadians for Affordable Energy (CAE) President Dan McTeague says the Carbon Tax increase that takes effect on Saturday, April 1st will hit consumers hard as energy prices remain high.

Starting April 1st, the federal government plans to hike the Carbon Tax an additional 23% to $65 per tonne. This tax will apply to every fuel including gasoline, diesel, furnace oil, propane and natural gas. The carbon tax will increase in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

To date, carbon taxes imposed by the federal government account for $0.16 per litre on average for gasoline and $0.20 per litre for diesel. Together they now make up roughly 11 to 13 percent of the total cost of fuel. That’s five times the rate of inflation.

“Consumers all over Canada will be taking it on the chin thanks to increases in the carbon tax on April 1st. It’s another kick at a time when Canadians are struggling under high energy prices,” said McTeague.

“This carbon tax increase will hit consumers across the board, you’ll pay more for gasoline right down to the food you put in your grocery cart. Now is not the time to hike another tax on Canadians,” added McTeague.


Keeping energy services affordable must be an ongoing public policy priority for all levels of government. Founded in 2016, Canadians for Affordable Energy is a not-for-profit organization committed to speaking out on this issue of so there is an informed debate, and the interests of all Canadians are heard. It is led by Dan McTeague who served as a Member of Parliament for 18 years.

For media inquiries, please contact Dan McTeague at 647-220-0114 or at [email protected]