February 03, 2022

Inflation — The Inevitable Result of Trudeau's Taxing Climate Agenda

Inflation — The Inevitable Result of Trudeau's Taxing Climate Agenda

Like all of you, I am watching the price of everything rise fast – inflation is making life really expensive these days.  

And it is going to get worse, thanks to Trudeau’s carbon taxes.

How much worse?

This is the year Trudeau’s carbon tax will go to $50/tonne, from $40/tonne: a 25% increase.

And they aren’t finished yet. Trudeau and his cronies intend to make things worse. Let me give you some examples of how:

The original carbon tax goes to $50/tonne this April 1st, and then to $65/tonne next April 1st, and so on at $15/year increments until it hits $170/tonne in 2030. Then, according to the Canadian Energy Regulator, they may send it to over $400/tonne by 2050.  

Each $15/tonne increment means:

  • over 3.5 cents more a litre for gasoline,
  • almost 2 cents more a cubic metre for natural gas,
  • over 4 cents more a litre for diesel, and
  • an uncertain amount more per kilowatt hour of electric power – uncertain because it depends on how power is generated in your province. 

These seem small, until you add them all up and calculate how much more you are out of pocket each month. And then realize this is for $15/tonne – and we are about to hit $50/tonne!

And these are just examples of direct energy costs.

What about your food bill?

Transportation is a big part of the price of food – all those truckers Trudeau wants to punish are moving our food to us from across the continent, and their costs have gone up a lot because of carbon taxes on diesel. So that means the food costs more – a lot more. 

So too does everything else you get that comes by truck – which is almost everything – clothing, appliances, furniture, you name it. 

And that is just the first carbon tax.

The Clean Fuel Regulation or CFR (previously called the Clean Fuel Standard or CFS), which we call the second carbon tax, will hit us end of this year – and it will add a significant amount more – although Trudeau and co are trying to hide that cost.  

Regulations on methane – expected to get more aggressive this year – add additional taxes.

And now they are talking about a regulation to cap overall emissions, which will translate into more costs.

We will be told that Canadians will get it back, as if government EVER hands back what they take. Some people will get partial cheques, but overall, the economy will be hurt, made less competitive, and life will be more expensive. Inflation is the sure sign of it, and it is getting worse. 

It doesn’t have to be this way – government intervention to create a new green order is the Trudeau path, it shouldn’t be Canada’s path.