Kevin Lacey

Kevin is the former Atlantic Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and has been a frequent contributor to public policy debates on CTV, CBC, talks radio shows and Global News. His commentaries have appeared local and national newspapers
including the National Post and Globe and Mail.

Prior to joining the CTF, Kevin spent about the 15 years working in government and politics. He ran has own public affairs consulting business providing advice to leading politicians and corporations. He also served in the Office of the Prime
Minister of Canada as a Director of Strategic Planning (Stakeholders) and was an advisor to Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm.

Kevin was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee medal for his work with the Canadian Coalition For Victims Against Terror (C-CAT), a group of terrorist victims working to strengthen Canada’s anti-terror laws. He also served as an international election
observer in Ukraine during their Parliamentary elections. 

In his spare time Kevin coaches minor hockey and volunteers in the kid’s ministry of his local church.