Drive Choice, Not Mandates: Rally Against Trudeau's 2035 Electric Vehicle Policy

We believe Canadians should be allowed to choose which car to drive.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that he’s mandating all new cars to be 100% “Zero Emission” – primarily electric – by 2035

That policy will fail for several reasons. It’s not practical – Canada’s electrical power grid can’t produce the power needed to support tens of thousands of new vehicles. They’re not reliable – That’s especially true in Canada, since electric vehicles don’t work as well in cold climates. And they’re not affordable – EVs cost significantly more than their gas, diesel, or hybrid competitors.

That’s why Canadians For Affordable Energy is fighting back.

  • We believe that Canadians should have the right to buy the car of their choice. 
  • We believe that car companies should be free to explore other types of technological innovation than electric vehicles, such as hydrogen powered cars, more advanced hybrid technology, or even improved efficiency gas-and-diesel vehicles.
  • We believe that we must speak out and tell the truth about the Trudeau Liberals’ insane electric car policy.

You know that when you speak up you can make a difference, but it's even more effective to unite your voice with others. Join us and over 50,000 of your fellow Canadians. Together let’s tell Trudeau to scrap his 2035 electric vehicle policy.

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