Join the Fight Against Trudeau's Net Zero Carbon Tax

While Canadians struggle under the increasing cost of just about everything, the Trudeau government is raking in more and more from the carbon taxes they charge whenever you fill up your vehicle or heat your home.

  • You pay over 16 cents a litre on gasoline, and 20 cents a litre for diesel at the gas pump in carbon tax. That’s just the start, it’s on top of the GST/HST, federal gasoline taxes, provincial gasoline tax (except Alberta)
  • The average Canadian pays 11-13% in fuel taxes at the pump
  • Carbon taxes are applied to home heating fuels costing you more every winter

They say that you get back more than you pay for the carbon tax, but that is simply not true. Even the government’s own reports say so.

Canadians for Affordable Energy is fighting back.

  • We speak out on major news outlets, telling Canadians the truth about how much they pay
  • We predict the price of gas at the pumps so you know when to get the cheapest price
  • We go straight to the politicians and speak the truth about the situation average Canadians face with the high cost of energy

You know that when you speak up you can make a difference, but you also know it’s more effective to join with others. Join us and our over 50,000 Canadians. Together let’s tell Trudeau to scrap the carbon tax.

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