Find out about Trudeau’s Second Carbon Tax – How much will it cost you?

Justin Trudeau doesn’t think the first carbon tax is enough, now the government is going to bring in a second one that will make life even more unaffordable.

A new report authored by economist Ross McKitrick exposes the true cost to Canadians of the new Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) or, what we’ve dubbed, Canada’s “Second Carbon Tax”.

This tax couldn’t come at a worse time. High energy costs, soaring inflation, and a slowing economy are making it hard for Canadians to make ends meet. Now Trudeau wants you to pay even more.

In this report, you’ll find the true impact this new tax will have on your pocket book, including:

  • How much will this “second carbon” tax cost you?
  • How will Canada’s economy be affected?
  • What is the total cost of the clean fuel standard to all of us?

Get informed about this new tax increase, download the report today.

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